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Where do I start...

The FA have been oblivious to the talents the nation has to offer at Street/Non League level which has been a huge reflection of the national team. It's not all about going pro though, sometimes the fact a football facility is available helps kids stay away from trouble which is good enough, this is something that the FA should definitely encourage and take more interest in.

From a young age I was fortunate to live in a area with a huge park, Larkhall Park. Fulham FC would come and run football sessions every holiday, it's easy to like a sport but this helped me love the game and chase my dreams. In a high crime rate area this project made me focus on the important things and stay out of trouble, let alone make some lifetime friends.

A few years later they built a 3G Astro turf pitch and it really brought the community together. For the last 10+ plus years we've been playing matches every Monday & Wednesday, summer time every Sunday too, luckily we've had a great former Arsenal coach who has lived in the area and has helped facilitate our matches.

A lot of people involved in the wrong crowd saw this and wanted to play, get away from the negatives which is exactly why there should be more of these projects around the nation.

As we get older and busier we don't occupy the pitch as much but it's great to see the younger generation falling in love with the game the same way we did at that age. The more kids we can get falling in love with Football the more successful the nation will be. Clearly it all starts here.


Written By:  Nana_NGT

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