LLF Tournament | 20/08/16

The LLF Tournament will soon be approaching, it commences on the 20th of August 2016 and will consist of 8 special teams for a 5-a-side affair (7 players max for each team).

Each team will pay £50 for a good cause (£10 registration fee upfront), this is to help with the experience, facility costs and to also help gift the winners with a prize. 

If this sounds like something you and your team will be up for then please do get in touch. The e-mail is on the flyer and we are waiting to hear from you and your team, you will get more information once you show your interest!

In the e-mail we'd like to know a few things about your team (Captains take this role):

  • Team Name (Get Creative)
  • Team Players (Real Names and Nicknames)
  • What Endz you Reppin? (Region e.g. London, Essex)
  • How do your team know each other?



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