Sunday League Football – Smiv

About Smiv | Palmers FC

Everyone loves to watch the elites and there is nothing wrong with that but we cannot forget the roots and where it all started for so many of them, grassroots!

Smiv has been filming his local team who go by the name of Palmers FC for a while and has been adding his voice over the content to give the game some life, a funny chap who has given Sunday League Football a platform. This obviously could not have been done without the players of Palmers FC who are also funny lads so a big shout out to them.

This is what the beautiful game is all about, a few mates who link up to come and play for the love of the game. Who knows maybe one day Smiv' channel could help give hidden talent a chance to make it elite.

Here is our favorite video of his so far, feel free to get lost on his channel.

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