10 years on: Last Day of Highbury

Highbury, also known as Arsenal Stadium was the clubs home between 1913-2006. A fortress where many memories were created and live on. 

Graced with players like Ian Wright, Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robert Pries, Tony Adams, David Rocastle and many more. It must have been very hard as an Arsenal fan to let go of a stadium where so many memories were created but the move to the Emirates Stadium could be seen as the new era for The Arsenal, a lucrative move.

Although Emirates has not been able to provide the same atmosphere and memories that Highbury has as of yet, Arsenal fans must be patient and grow with the Emirates and the club, who knows what the future holds.

Here is a clip of the last day at Highbury where the King (Thierry Henry) graces the stadium with a hat trick against Wigan.



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