Chelsea x Nike: £60m-a-year.

Written By: LLF  | Wednesday 18 May 2016

Aware of the Chelsea and Adidas kit sponsorship coming to an end six years early, we were wondering what brand will be the next to swoop the London' side.

As you would have guessed, Nike reportedly agree a massive £60m a year kit deal with Chelsea which will allow the club to continue bidding for top talent this season even without Champions League status. The kit deal with Nike is double the amount of the current Adidas sponsorship (£30m a year). 

This kit deal would be the second-highest lucrative deal we have seen in the beautiful game with Man Utd x Adidas (£75m a year) still being the most lucrative kit deal in Europe. Real Madrid could be in the conversation as soon as they negotiate a new agreement with sporting giants Adidas or Nike.

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia is said to be the man behind the negotiations for the new Nike sponsorship which comes after some other major commercial deals, the Yokohoma partnership which is £40m a year and a training Kit deal with Carabao which is £10m a year.

With the extra £30m coming in from sporting giants Nike which should start from the 2017/18 season, the new Premier League TV deal which is due to begin in 2016/17 season, Chelsea couldn't have been any luckier not to make the Champions League at this moment in time which has cost them about £40m. We don't really feel the club will feel the effects of this loss, it's more of a time to rebuild and that is looking ever more prevalent with new Manager Antonio Conte taking over and the negotiations the club is making. 

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